our stOry

We created O-Venture to help other wOmen.

When we formed our company,
we asked ourselves one simple question:

How can we make women’s lives easier?

We realized the idea was right in front of us – actually weighing us down as we talked. It was time to free ourselves from the unnecessary baggage we had been carrying around daily (and literally)! If we could lighten a woman’s load and give her another set of hands simultaneously, we would really be onto something. From this, the Big O concept came to life.

Our motto at O-Venture is “Carry Only What You Need.” We’ve built our company around this idea and clearly it means way more to us than just as it relates to our product offering. We use “carry only what you need” as an encouragement and a challenge to ourselves and our customers: to focus on the essentials of life, to not get distracted by meaningless clutter, to not let the loads we carry on our shoulders break our backs, whether they are ridiculously heavy handbags or our own ridiculously impossible standards. We want to make women’s lives easier one small detail at a time while putting a smile on their faces.

We hOpe you will come along on this O-Venture and join the fun!


Janie Cooke

Caroline Nix

our purpose

Giving women an extra hand is a pervasive part of our culture…from the products we design to our approach to the marketplace to our Over-the-top customer service. Women’s hands are full with responsibilities, children, paperwork, groceries, lattes…you name it. If we can literally and figuratively give women an extra hand to hold onto what’s most important, then we have met our goal.