a Big O Tailgate!

We use our motto, “Hold On To What’s Important,” all the time. We lOve applying it to all the big issues that we face in life. The idea of staying true to what matters and letting the rest go drives everything we do here at O-Venture. So you can imagine our excitement now that fall is in full swing and we can share one of our favOrite ways to interpret these inspirational words.

Welcome to “Hold On To What’s Important” Tailgate Edition. Here’s what’s important to hOld onto at a tailgate: in one hand, Frito scoop with corn dip. In the other, a cold beer. And let the rest go!!

Tailgates are the #Ogirls' perfect party. They are the most fun way we can think of to live out our motto. Tailgates are by definition simple. Not fussy. They don’t take any time at all to pull together (We were all shocked by how quickly our style guru, Jana, put this great tailgate together for our photo shoot!).tailgateblog.jpg#asset:2784What’s not to lOve? The essential elements of a tailgate are: football, friends, fresh air, beer, and snacks. And the thing about a great tailgate is...this is all it has, and all it needs. First, your team. Tailgates are all about coming together to cheer for your favorite team. Second, your friends. The whole point of a tailgate is being together and having fun with the people you love. Third, fresh air. It’s best if your tailgate happens outside, because we all have earned the right to enjoy the wonderful fall weather that accompanies at least part of football seasons all across the country. Fourth, beer. I don’t think we really need to elaborate on that one. R38A3467.jpg#asset:2794Fifth, snacks. We’re including below two dips that our tailgates are never without! Janie (our co-founder)’s O-mazing corn dip, and an old standby that we take next level, chili con queso with sausage. Your tailgates are welcome!

Our Big O Gameday collection was inspired by our love of college, football, and tailgating. We hope you find the team you’re passionate about represented here and we expect to see our Gameday O’s completing head-to-toe gameday color ensembles for the forseeable football and tailgating season. (let us see yours by tagging @shopoventure or #ogirls!) 

So this fall, let’s hold on to what’s important together, at a tailgate. See you there! xOxO



P.S.  For mOre great tailgate gOOdies...check out Food's Network's Top 50 Tailgating Recipes!

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