an O sO special gift idea!

We are so thrilled that our Big O has become a fabulous gO-tO gift for so many women. When we first started our cOmpany, we honestly didn’t even think about how well our bangle keychain—born out of a desire to simplify and streamline our crazy lives of so many moving parts—would translate across all ages and stages of women’s lives. Combine that with our firm belief in the impOrtance of celebrating occasions, and you can see why it makes us so happy when people give the Big O as a present for birthdays, holidays, new moms, graduation…or any special occasion celebrating our girlfriends!

We have a suggestion… an accompaniment  to our beloved Big O that will take it right over the top as truly the ultimate gift to those ladies we all lOve so much. Poet Shel Silverstein wrote a wonderful book called The Missing Piece Meets the Big O. We aren’t named for it—it was originally published in 1976 - but it is the sweetest story. To quote Maria Popova from the website "Brain Pickings." The Missing Piece Meets the Big O is “a minimalist, maximally wonderful allegory at the heart of which is the emboldening message that true love doesn’t complete us, even though at first it might appear to do that, but lets us grOw and helps us become more fully ourselves.”

The main “character” in the story is the missing piece herself - a triangle who is lonely and looking for a circle who’s missing a piece that she can fit into so that she can roll through life rather than just sit around stuck.  Along the way, she finds many potential partners, but nOne of them are the perfect fit for her.  After finally finding a circle with a piece missing that is just her size, she ultimately ends up alOne again after “growing” too long to fit comfortably within that formerly perfect space.

Eventually another circle, the wise “Big O”, comes along and encourages her to start moving on her own—and she discovers that as she does, her sharp edges wear off until she becomes a perfect, complete, rolling circle that’s all her.  And she can roll along next to her best friend, the Big O.

We want our “O” girls to be strong women with a quiet, confident certainty that they are, always have been, and always will be, enough. Good enough. Happy enough. Smart enough. Talented enough. And that their own strength, kindness, resilience, intelligence, and talents are what they can always fall back on and are what makes them whOle. We want O girls to know that they aren’t somebody’s missing piece, and they don’t ever need to fit themselves into someone else’s shape. And our dream come true would be if our Big O’s, which so many women are slipping on our wrists many times each day, could connect in each of their minds to Shel Silverstein’s simple, sweet story, and help remind them each day of these truths!  

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