dallas O-bsessions: hOmetOwn favOrites!

There’s nO place like hOme! We’re born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and the Big O was born here too! Our rOOts run deep and we always find new things to lOve and delight in about our hometown.

As much as Big O loves Big D, we lOve our customers just as much! Every January and June, Dallas hosts thousands of retailers and vendors at the Total Home and Gift Market, held in the HUMONGOUS Dallas Market Center. It’s practically as big as Texas. Trust us, Dallas Market is exhausting. It leaves you famished and parched and desperately needing nourishment and refreshment. So we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate Market Week by sharing our Dallas Obsessions—those spots and dishes and drinks that we just can’t get enough of and that are guaranteed to quench even the kind of hunger and thirst that only Dallas Market can dish out!

Breakfast at Bubba’s Cooks Country: yes, that really is its full name, though those of us who’ve grown up on Bubba’s home cookin’ only know it by its nickname. If you need energy, a big meal that will sustain you through hours and hours on your feet, you can’t ask for more than what Bubba’s has to offer. The biscuits and yeast rolls are world famous, and the cinnamon roll will astound you with its size as well as its deliciousness. And more good news: Bubba’s fried chicken, gravy, and mashed potatoes are the best you’ll ever have—so you could have all three meals a day here!

Bubba’s: 6617 Hillcrest Avenue, 75205.

Lunch at City Café to Go: This is a local neighborhood lunch place where everyone has gone for years and friendships have been formed among people who only know each other from their interactions at “City.” On tOp of the friends you can meet, you will enjoy their famous tomato soup, fabulous sandwiches and salads (the Asian chicken salad and chicken and hummus pita are two of our favorites), but wash it down with the most divine teamonade you’ll ever drink. City Café to Go creates a special herbal iced tea blend and tops it off with incredible homemade lemonade, a lemon wedge and a sprig of fresh mint.

City Café to Go: 5757 Lovers Lane, 75209.

Lunch or Dinner at R&D: R&D is a relatively new restaurant on our Dallas scene—by “new”, we mean that it’s less than twenty years old, which our breakfast and lunch Obsessions can’t claim to be. But we lOve it as much as if we’d been coming here our entire lives, and R&D has an incredibly loyal following as evidenced by the large crowd of people hanging out outside sipping a cocktail while they wait to be seated. (We suggest making a reservation, which you can do on Open Table, or at the very least calling ahead to get your name on the list.) You will never regret the wait at R&D. Here you will find one of the best burgers in Dallas, as well as some really creative, yummy sushi rolls, as well as our two favorite entrée-sized salads in Dallas. The Newporter is mixed greens, roast chicken, cashew, bacon, and chopped egg all tossed together for maximum enjoyment. The Asian noodle salad is an incredibly fresh and delightful combination of chicken, cucumber, mango, peanut, and fresh herbs. Start with the Dip Duo to get a true taste of Texas: guacamole and the most incredible queso-like concoction that you will devour and wish for more.

R&D Kitchen: 8300 Preston Center Plaza, 75225

Day and Nightlife in Trinity Groves: Trinity Groves shows us that you can teach old dOgs new tricks—it’s a hot new area in Dallas, reached by a beautiful new bridge that crosses the Trinity River, and some of the coolest and hippest spots in town are located here! You could spend an entire day here visiting!  Our O-boys lOve The Hall for spOrts and steaks.  We don't want to leave Saint Rocco's 3rd floor lounge that literally has the best view in Dallas. And their Italian food (think homemade sicilian lasagna and prosciutto, arugula, fig and parmesan flatbread) is delicious! For your sweet tOOth, stOp by Cake Bar for a slice of red velvet or wedding cake - yum!  Don't miss the stunningly gorgeous and addictive chocolates that Kate Weiser creates at her beautiful shop that is open late: till 9:00 on weeknights and 11:00 on weekends!    

Trinity Groves:  3011 Gulden Lane, 75212

Nightlife at the Mansion Bar and patio: The Mansion Bar is an iconic Dallas institution and we guarantee it will not disappoint! It is beautiful, classy, fun, and lively while still being a relaxing place to unwind after a long day. The bartender always has the best versions of all the classic cocktails—martinis are famously well-prepared here, but also there’s always fun, new, creative concoctions that catch our attention. You can’t go wrong here, truly.  And you can order food too, including the world-renowned lobster tacos and our favorite late night burgers. enjOy wOnderful live music Thursday through Saturday.

Mansion Bar: 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd, 75219

Find yOurself in Dallas this week, at Market or otherwise? Come visit us at our bOOth in Dallas Market Center- TM 1, bOOth 731 and pick up a copy of this blog with addresses for all our Obsessions! We hOpe that Dallas will leave only the best taste in your mouth!

xO, Caroline and Janie

R+D Kitchen Dip duO, Kate Weiser chOcolates and a daytime view frOm St. Rocco's in Trinity Groves, our favOrite martini at the Mansion Bar

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