Celebrating 5 Years of the Big O!

It's hard to believe O-Venture is celebrating 5 years of our O-mazing O-Venture and our Big O Key Ring! This past year, Dallas-based Founders Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix celebrated in a BIG way! Here is a glimpse at the fabulous celebration at Bistro 31 in Dallas. 

Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix of Dallas, longtime friends and mothers, came together at a unique time in their lives – life was busy, their kids were getting older and they were trying to squeeze in more hours in their day.  Janie and Caroline realized they spent countless hours in a day looking for their keys and being weighed down with extra baggage. They realized, if they could lighten a woman’s load, and give her another set of hands simultaneously, they would truly be able to make women’s lives easier during hectic times. 

So with this realization – and after losing yet more precious time looking for their keys – the idea came to them – the Big O Key Ring!

In 2013, they officially launched their website to help drive online business, and partnered with many incredible retailers. In 2014, Oprah Magazine included the Big O Key Rings as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”, and thus began a national O-bsession with the Big O Key Ring!

O-Venture currently sells in more than 1500 boutiques in the United States, and in retail locations in Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Japan and international cruise ships. 

Janie and Caroline from the bottom of their hearts, thank every single one of their partners, friends, retailers and of course, their supportive families, for celebrating 5 years of the Big O Celebration!

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