dream big, wherever yOu’re gOing!

Here at O-Venture we are huge fans of Big—big plans, big thoughts, and big dreams. The truth is that our company exists as it is today only because we didn’t know enough to put any limits on the scope or the size of the dreams we had for it.

 Maybe that’s why this wOnderful book speaks to us. We are honored to feature on the blog today Dream Big, a mOst beautiful story written by our dear friend Kat...

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the TLC behind the Big O

If you’ve ever received a package from O-Venture (and if you haven’t yet, you should!!! :) you might notice the life savers, peppermints, or other special little treats that accompany your Big O. That’s Jane’s touch!  She believes that gifts should be special, and that each person who orders from us should receive a gift just for ordering.

Jane Dunne is mom to one of our founders, Janie Cooke.  She initially took on the role of Shipping Department head as a...

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an O sO special gift idea!

We are so thrilled that our Big O has become a fabulous gO-tO gift for so many women. When we first started our cOmpany, we honestly didn’t even think about how well our bangle keychain—born out of a desire to simplify and streamline our crazy lives of so many moving parts—would translate across all ages and stages of women’s lives. Combine that with our firm belief in the impOrtance of celebrating occasions, and you can see why it makes us...

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a big O for Optimism


This irresistible video that aired during ESPN's broadcast of the SMU vs. Houston football game a couple of weeks ago features our fOunders Janie and Caroline’s adorable sons.  Paul Cooke (in the white) is a sophomore at SMU and Hudson Nix (in the red) is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. The Mustangs went into this game with only 2 wins, while Houston was ranked #11 and was in the hunt for a playoff spot. Houston was favored by 2...

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How Much Baggage is Enough?

There was an O-mazing quote in an article in a recent Sunday New York Times that got us thinking.  The article was an interview with Mara Arena Bell, the former head writer for “The Young and the Restless” (favorite soap opera in the college years!) who was very rudely and unfairly fired from her job.  She is 50 years old, and she had to reinvent herself.  “The plot twist: while initially floored by her dismissal, Ms. Bell quickly picked...

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a Big O Tailgate!

We use our motto, “Hold On To What’s Important,” all the time. We lOve applying it to all the big issues that we face in life. The idea of staying true to what matters and letting the rest go drives everything we do here at O-Venture. So you can imagine our excitement now that fall is in full swing and we can share one of our favOrite ways to interpret these inspirational words.

Welcome to “Hold On To What’s Important” Tailgate Edition. Here’s what’s important...

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You Might Have Poshitis... but we've got the Cure!

As seriously as we take ourselves, and our mission of saving the world from heavy handbags, even we didn’t envision ourselves as curers of disease! Isn’t that what they give the Nobel Prize for? But we do believe it’s our destiny and responsibility to save the world from the terrible diagnosis of “Poshitis”.

Victoria Beckham, The former Spice Girl, has been blamed for an illness, dubbed 'Poshitis', due to her obsession with oversized handbags - which she carries in the crook...

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hOtlanta O-bsessions: dreaming of these sOuthern spOts!

Atlanta is home to the gift market we attend twice a year, some of our favOrite stOres, and the most O-mazing Southern cOOking you will find!  Of course we have been on a quest for the best and we can’t stOp thinking about our…

Old schOOl O-bsession - Mary Mac’s Tea Room which has been serving good ole Southern cOmfort food for over 70 years

Who doesn’t lOve a place that begins every meal with Pot Likker with cracklin’ bread...

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