Pick Your New Big O in Style!

We lOve to turn to Our favOrite retailers and influencers for ideas On hOw to live the #ogirls lifestyle! THE TREND SHOP in Colleyville, TX @thetrendshop pairs the Big O with jeans and a cute T-shirt in her favorite color.

Loubies and Lulu in Dallas, TX @loubiesandlulu is a Dallas fitness guru, and keeps her Big O Key Rings and accessories close for making her busy day fit and functional.

NEST Boutique + DIY Studio in Ashville, NC @nestavl shows a few...

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the O-mazing Oprah!

“Oprah played a big role in my understanding of what it meant to be a female and to really step into your own power. I wouldn’t even call her a role model; she was literally a reference point. You have the dictionary, you have the Bible, you have Oprah.”  -Lupita Nyong’o

We cOncur, Lupita.

Life, as we know it, changed, thanks to Oprah and Adam Glassman choosing to put our Big O and Ossential Card Case into the Oprah’s Favorite Things spotlight.


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dallas O-bsessions: hOmetOwn favOrites!

There’s nO place like hOme! We’re born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and the Big O was born here too! Our rOOts run deep and we always find new things to lOve and delight in about our hometown.

As much as Big O loves Big D, we lOve our customers just as much! Every January and June, Dallas hosts thousands of retailers and vendors at the Total Home and Gift Market, held in the HUMONGOUS Dallas Market Center. It’s practically as...

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the TLC behind the Big O

If you’ve ever received a package from O-Venture (and if you haven’t yet, you should!!! :) you might notice the life savers, peppermints, or other special little treats that accompany your Big O. That’s Jane’s touch!  She believes that gifts should be special, and that each person who orders from us should receive a gift just for ordering.

Jane Dunne is mom to one of our founders, Janie Cooke.  She initially took on the role of Shipping Department head as a...

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a Big O Tailgate!

We use our motto, “Hold On To What’s Important,” all the time. We lOve applying it to all the big issues that we face in life. The idea of staying true to what matters and letting the rest go drives everything we do here at O-Venture. So you can imagine our excitement now that fall is in full swing and we can share one of our favOrite ways to interpret these inspirational words.

Welcome to “Hold On To What’s Important” Tailgate Edition. Here’s what’s important...

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hOtlanta O-bsessions: dreaming of these sOuthern spOts!

Atlanta is home to the gift market we attend twice a year, some of our favOrite stOres, and the most O-mazing Southern cOOking you will find!  Of course we have been on a quest for the best and we can’t stOp thinking about our…

Old schOOl O-bsession - Mary Mac’s Tea Room which has been serving good ole Southern cOmfort food for over 70 years

Who doesn’t lOve a place that begins every meal with Pot Likker with cracklin’ bread...

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