the TLC behind the Big O

If you’ve ever received a package from O-Venture (and if you haven’t yet, you should!!! :) you might notice the life savers, peppermints, or other special little treats that accompany your Big O. That’s Jane’s touch!  She believes that gifts should be special, and that each person who orders from us should receive a gift just for ordering.

Jane Dunne is mom to one of our founders, Janie Cooke.  She initially took on the role of Shipping Department head as a volunteer, when our business was expanding at a rate we didn’t expect or anticipate and it made her sad to see the boxes piling up all around us!  She jumped right in, as she says, “like any mom would!”  Now she oversees our custOmer care and shipping departments to ensure that every custOmer feels the lOve!  

We love Jane so much!  We love her because she is, first and foremost, one of the best moms we know.  She is the epitome of Southern hospitality and graciousness.  

We sat down with Jane and asked her some questions and we want to share her answers with our O-Venture family.

What do you love most about working with O-Venture?

I LOVE giving gifts, and I always have. In this job I get to play Santa Claus year round, every day. I get to oversee hundreds of gifts to deserving, wonderful people, without having to buy them all myself!

And of course, I get the joy of working every day with Janie and Caroline.  I love watching them at work, and I truly marvel at how much they accomplish in a day. They are like little swans, serene and peaceful above the water, and paddling like crazy underneath!

What have you done with this job to “make it your own”?

There is nothing that makes me happier than getting to look at the world from the perspective of giving and helping others give. I gain a wonderful perspective on the generosity of the world. Each package that O-Venture sends out has a story behind it—and I get to share in those sweet stories.

And it’s been so much fun to watch the company grow. Sending packages all over the country, from St. Simon’s Island, to Seattle to Australia!

We look to you, our South Carolina native, as a wonderful example of Southern hospitality. O-Venture benefits in so many ways from your gracious personality. What thoughts do you have on the role Southern hospitality should play in our crazy, hectic lives?

As a child, my parents were kind, caring, and friendly to everyone—and encouraged and, frankly, expected me to do the same.  Southern hospitality is thinking about the other person first.  I truly believe that it's the wonderful Golden Rule that makes this world go round.

Maybe that’s why helping Janie and Caroline with their shipping and customer service has been such fun for me.  It’s rather selfish of me because I get far more benefit from any task than either them or their customers. I know it helps them out… and if our team can bring a pleasant thought to whomever receives their order by helping to solve a problem or adding a few life savers or peppermints among colorful crinkle paper… well, that makes me smile!!!14713091_1387572861271720_81525096566647

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