You Might Have Poshitis... but we've got the Cure!

As seriously as we take ourselves, and our mission of saving the world from heavy handbags, even we didn’t envision ourselves as curers of disease! Isn’t that what they give the Nobel Prize for? But we do believe it’s our destiny and responsibility to save the world from the terrible diagnosis of “Poshitis”.

Victoria Beckham, The former Spice Girl, has been blamed for an illness, dubbed 'Poshitis', due to her obsession with oversized handbags - which she carries in the crook of her elbow - causing her legion of fashion-followers to give themselves muscle strain.

Symptoms include: torn muscles, inflamed shoulder tendons.

Seriously? It’s scary!  Doctors across the globe are warning their stylish female patients that they mustn’t carry their huge handbags-- which might even weigh more than Posh does!-- because they risk doing permanent damage to the nerves in their elbows.

Medical professionals-- don’t worry.  Doctor Ossential C. Case to the rescue!  Simply and smartly replace that nasty unhealthy bag that is attacking your elbow with a much lighter but just as chic Ossential card case to accompany your Big O! Can’t we all be FOE’s (Friends of Elbows) together? Our prescription-- one Ossential card case per female, to be worn countless times- stylishly and conveniently-- per day!

We say DON’T Bend it Like Beckham! We’re here for you-- mind, soul, and elbows! So Big O girls, stay healthy-- simplify and de-stress, eight glasses of water per day, eat your fruits and vegetables, and be healed from Poshitis! Lose the dead weight endangering your elbow-- carry an Ossential with your Big O!

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